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Climate change is one of the most pressing issues our humanity is facing as a whole. No matter what your race, religion or nation, you will be affected by the climate change.

The issues of the past be it blitzkrieg in England, slavery in the USA or the freedom movement in India pertained only to a few nations and more so to a few sections of the society.

The challenge we are facing regarding the climate is for humanity as a whole and it’s happening at an unprecedented scale, yet not many people recognize it. If we do not act now and reduce emissions as per the Paris Climate Agreement, the coming generations will not be able to live a life that we all have experienced.

The global temperature rise is severely underrated because, imagine how much time and heat is required to boil an ounce of cold water, not very long, right?

For a gallon of cold water – A little longer.

For a barrel of water, quite long.

Now imagine the oceans, they cover two thirds of earth surface and the uppermost layer of the ocean about 250 feet has been rising at 0.11 degrees Celsius on an average per decade from 1970’s.

I hope this helps you understand the sheer amount of heat it is absorbing. This is resulting in disruptions in ocean ecosystems and making storms deadlier.

The earth is rising at a temperature of 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade, if this continues, things will quickly go out of control to a point where no ecosystem will be able to sustain.

We are already experiencing the effects of climate change like the deadly hurricanes in Florida, the forest fires in California and bush fires of Australia.

The developing nations and the poor will be hit hard because of this because as they do not have enough resources to protect themselves. With a considerable chunk of population in developing countries and as the countries grow, their carbon footprint increases which exponentially exacerbates the climate crisis.

Having ranted about the problems, I now want to talk about solutions.

As the world economy & population grows, the energy, food and water that is required to support the growth increases.

We cannot stop the growth, but we can make the growth happen in a sustainable way.

I strongly believe that innovation in energy & farming industry will drive the sustainable growth that is required to protect our one and only one home earth.

This blog All Sustainable Solutions talks about all the innovative solutions across the world that will make us move towards a more regenerative future. The mission of the blog is to educate the readers with different technologies that can help us propel in the right direction.