HomeBiogas: Turning Waste into Cooking Gas


We are living in a time and age where the only way to live a better life is to embrace the world of sustainability. Unconventional methods of energy production have been quite popular since the turn of the century. With ongoing research and development, the world is slowly moving towards a sustainable revolution. At this … Read more

Bladeless Wind Turbine: Saphon Energy

Bladeless Wind Turbine

Wind energy has been used since ages to provide energy. The earlier used process was a wing rotating in the air to generate electricity. To produce sustainable, non-polluting, and cheap energy, wind power is the best solution (Bladeless Wind Turbine). The wind is available free of cost, in abundance, is clean, and is renewable, unlike … Read more

FastOx Gasification by Sierra Energy

FastOx Gasification by Sierra Energy

Sierra Energy – Turning Any Waste Into Various Energy and Valuable Goods In July 2019, Sierra Energy earned funding as high as $33 million. The innovative company gained a lot of attention for being another new hope in the industry of renewable energy as well as waste management and pollution problems. Their product, FastOx Gasification, … Read more

TerraPower: Sustainable Living through Nuclear Energy

TerraPower Sustainable Living through Nuclear Energy

As per records, it is expected that by 2040 the requirements of electricity will reach 9 billion. To meet the increased needs the, increase in the production of electricity will be at 28%. The difference will, however, create a massive difference between the demand and supply of electricity. To avoid all these situations of disparity … Read more