HYDERABAD FLOODS – Just another story?

Hyderabad floods

It is that time of the year in India, the so-called “emerging economy” but with a lopsided income distribution – The Monsoon. With monsoon follows the cyclones and with cyclones follows the ‘occasional’ floods. The matter of concern however in recent times is the fact that they’re not ‘occasional’ anymore. It has become a regular … Read more

Land Life Company: Bringing Green Lives to the Fore

Land Life Company

At a time when the world is submerging in the ill-effects of climate change and deforestation, Land Life Company offers a simple, sustainable, and highly scalable option to deal with the situation.  About Land Life Company Amsterdam-based venture Land Life Company began its nascent journey in 2013. Ever since then, they have been taking active … Read more

The Great Bubble Barrier: A Sustainable Solution to Battle Ocean Pollution

Water pollution is a global issue that needs immediate attention. Every day, a large amount of plastic and chemical waste find their way to the ocean, through the rivers and local water bodies. Result in ocean pollution. It is painful to take a look at the plastic waste scattered on the beaches. Various companies have … Read more

Precious Plastic – A Grand Universe of Plastic Recycling

precious plastic

Even though it can effectively reduce the plastic waste problem in the world, the practice of recycling is still incredibly low for now. According to Greenpeace, only 8.4% of plastic wastes worldwide made its way into the recycling process. Even worse, the plastic bag recycling rate is only 1%, while the product itself is the … Read more

Turbulent Hydro – A Whole New Level of A Hydropower Plant

Turbulent Hydro - A Whole New Level of A Hydropower Plant

Hydropower has been long considered as a sustainable energy generator. But since it has a few major drawbacks, the technology has not been used much. Turbulent Hydro came to the rescue by eliminating the weakness of the hydropower. The innovation makes the idea of hydropower is no longer resistible. What is Turbulent Hydro? Turbulent hydro … Read more