Invenergy: Energizing the World, in a Good Way!

With each new way we find to exploit the limited resources of the planet, the writing on the wall gets clearer. To survive the days ahead, the world needs to move towards a gamut of sustainable energy solutions and fast. It’s absolutely the need of the hour to adopt energy solutions that are clean, stable, and efficient enough to power the growing demands of the future. Generating clean energy for the long haul is easier said than done. Infrastructure development, financing, and operations to work on such alternative solutions need to be met positively. Invenergy is one such company that is providing an entire slate of green energy solutions today and for the future.

About the Company – Invenergy:

Invenergy is a US-based energy company that is innovating, designing, operating, and providing sustainable energy solutions all over the world. Founded by Michael Polsky, Invenergy focuses on not only the energy part but also on the processes and finances of such projects. As a result, Invenergy has managed to create an admirable portfolio, working with companies like Google by solving the energy challenges faced by businesses in four continents.

The Solutions 

Invenergy has an innovative spirit at its core. But it focuses on solutions that are scalable and futureproof. To achieve that, Invenergy creates projects from the ground up and provides end-to-end energy solutions. The in-house experts chalk out plans including the finances, construction, operations, maintenance, engineering, and management. Apart from the energy project services, the company is also directly contributing to sustainable solutions. They explore alternative energy and ways to bring down the impact of existing solutions. 


In terms of sustainable energy solutions, wind is a force to reckon with. It’s non-polluting, free, and practically unlimited. Invenergy recognizes the potential that wind holds and that’s why it is focused on wind energy solutions more than any other independent producer in the USA. The biggest advantage of wind energy harvesting is the cost. Wind is one of the most affordable ways to generate clean energy. Coupled with its abundance, wind becomes a compelling option for farms and rural projects.

Wind is Invenergy’s one of the most prolific solutions.  It has generated 15,323 megawatts of energy from 101 projects including Alle-Catt Wind Farm, Blooming Grove Wind Energy Center, Bull Run Wind Energy Center, Deuel Harvest Wind Farm, Sundance Wind Energy Center, and Maverick Wind Energy Center. 


It’s not lost on anyone that solar energy is the most out-there alternative solution. State and Government-sponsored incentives in the last decade have helped bring down the cost of solar system installation in the USA. With more and more people looking for simple yet scalable ways to meet electricity demands, solar becomes an obvious solution. Invenergy started their solar energy operations back in 2012 and so far they have generated over a thousand megawatts of energy from 36 projects. Some of the most prominent ones include Badger Hollow Solar Farm, Bull Run Solar Energy Center, Cadence Solar Energy Center, Paris Solar Farm, and Verona Solar Farm. 

Energy Storage

Invenergy is pioneering the efficient models of energy storage. As more and more energy is generated, it’s important to have flexible and adaptable grids in place that can store energy. According to IHS, the energy storage market was capped at 6 GW in 2017, and in 2022, it can grow up to 40 GW. The advanced energy storage industry is seeing a lot of innovations and Invenergy is at the forefront of it. The company is engineering and managing new battery storage solutions while addressing each client’s needs with customized storage solutions. It has already developed 16 projects, storing hundreds of megawatt-hours. 

Natural Gas

As we have already mentioned above, Invenergy is not only trying to popularise sustainable energy solutions, it’s also trying to minimize the impact of non-renewable energy sources. Invenergy natural gas power plants are steps in the same direction. Even though natural gas is cleaner than fossil fuels, it still leaves a bit of a carbon footprint. Thanks to committed professionals hard at work, Invenergy natural gas power plants emit 50% less CO2 than coal-fired plants. The natural gas power plants also promote a healthy transition to wind and solar energy sources by quickly adjusting to power outputs. With 12 projects, Invenergy has already generated 5,661 megawatts of cleaner energy.

Clean Water

Invenergy clean water solutions are aiming to address the huge water scarcity faced by the entire world. UN research shows that over 2 billion people live in countries experiencing high water stress and 700 million people could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030. Texas alone is projected to face a $91 billion loss due to water-related issues by 2030. But the good news is that globally 300 million people are currently getting water from desalination plants and Invenergy is aiming to increase the numbers. Invenergy clean water solutions are tailored to meet the demands of municipal communities and industrial corporations. 

Thanks to raw water treatment, electrodeionization, demineralization via reverse osmosis, and waste management, Invenergy is already pumping out 18 million gallons a day from its nine facilities. Projects like Nelson Energy Center and Lackawanna Energy Center are just the start of greater things ahead.

Invenergy: Pros & Cons

Invenergy’s sustainable solutions are geared towards a good present and a better future. The company has scaled its business across countries and the projects are growing in numbers. The entire suite of services helps customers get comprehensive solutions. It’s hard to find any fault in the process, but it’s very easy to find the strengths.


  • A host of sustainable solutions – wind, solar, advanced energy storage, clean water management, and natural gas power plants
  • Doesn’t just provide solutions in isolation, designs and executes the entire project from development, operation to finance and management
  • Invests in next-gen sustainable industry entrepreneurs with Energize Ventures to create an ecosystem of futuristic solutions

Summing Up

Invenergy is paving the way for sustainable energy companies to deploy projects at scale. They have not only crafted the art of providing streamlined solutions but have also attracted investors and big-ticket clients. It’s great to see a sustainable energy company getting noticed and we can’t wait to see what Invenergy has in store for us in the future. 

Invenergy Contact Details 

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