Ecocapsule: Remote & Sustainable Living Made Easier

Ever imagined what would it be like to have a portable home with all the modern amenities? It’s time to turn that vision into reality. Now you can get a mini smart home for yourself, or for your business. Transport it anywhere you want– to the rooftop of your house or to an isolated location in the middle of a forest. And to top it all, it only uses sustainable energy. So get ready to experience a life of endless freedom, driven by the ability to live location-independently. 

Ecocapsule: About the Company 

Ecocapsule is the brainchild of a company based in Slovakia, called Nice Architects. Designed in the shape of an egg, Ecocapsule is a mobile home, powered by wind and solar energy. This tiny home minimizes energy consumption and makes optimum use of sustainable energy. The spherical shape aids in collecting rainwater for purification, to supply water for the inhabitants of the house. This solution can be suitable for setting up Airbnbs, relief shelters, research stations, resorts, personal homes, etc. 

How Does Ecocapsule Function? 

Solar Energy

Ecocapsule doesn’t need to be fuelled by conventional sources of energy. It leverages solar power, wind turbines, and rainwater harvest. The 880W solar power system installed in the mini home is extremely powerful. To ensure maximum energy production, the cells are of high-capacity. 

Wind Energy

It also comes with a low-noise wind turbine that can deliver up to 750W in a single day. The turbine is attached to an adjustable telescopic pole. The turbine is capable of providing the home with energy for 24 hours every day. 

Rain Water 

The surface of Ecocapsule is designed in a specific way to collect rainwater. The rainwater gets stored inside the water tank, and then it is filtered to provide water supply to the mini home. 

Mobile App & Monitoring System

Ecocapsule has a special provision that allows the user to monitor the system. The central computer keeps the water levels and electricity production in check. The user can be in control of the functions with the help of a mobile app. 

Ecocapsule Original


Image Courtesy: Ecocapsule 

Ecocapsule Original is designed to accommodate one or two people. This is an ideal way of living in a remote place, where there is no network connectivity. This independent, off-the-grid micro home is portable, so you can set it up in any place you wish. The smart design ensures a great experience for the users. It utilizes only solar power and wind energy to run the system. You can use this specific model as a remote office, pop-up hotel, research room, caravan, or any other purpose you can think of. The price of Ecocapsule Original starts from € 79,900. 

Ecocapsule Space

Image Courtesy: Ecocapsule 

Ecocapsule Space is a micro-unit that is mainly designed for travel and hospitality businesses. It’s tinier than the Ecocapsule Original. You can use it as an extra office space, an additional room, or for adding some space to your Ecocapsule Original. This one is semi off-grid. It has a space capacity of 6.2 sq. meters. The price starts from € 49,900. 

For both these models, you can customize them according to your needs and preferences. 

For Resorts


Image Courtesy: Ecocapsule 

Ecocapsule can be a great solution for hotels and resorts that want to curate a unique experience for their customers. The off-grid and comfortable mini home will enable the customers to live in the remotest areas, without any inconvenience. It has a double bed, a small kitchen, a fridge, and a washroom, similar to a hotel suite. 


  • Comes with an electric plug and car charger 
  • High capacity batteries ensure relentless power supply even when there is low availability of wind and solar energy 
  • Well-equipped with heating system, air conditioner, and ventilation 
  • Easy to transport via shipping containers, truck, rail, or helicopter
  • Water filter system for purifying natural water 
  • No emission 
  • Beautiful design 

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For Rental 


Image Courtesy: Ecocapsule 

The first-ever rental Ecocapsule was placed at Zuckermandel, located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Ever since then, Ecocapsule is planning to expand its venture, by using their models as rental homes, all around the globe. From the ones who love adventure to the ones willing to experiment with a different way of living, this is a welcome move for many. Whether you want to live in the midst of nature, or you prefer an urban setting, Ecocapsule can fit into any environment seamlessly. 

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Ecocapsule: Pros & Cons

The solution has its share of advantages and disadvantages. But the huge number of pros and the innovative use of technology outweigh the cons. 


  • Self-sustainable 
  • Off-grid 
  • Makes use of sustainable energy resources like wind, sun, and rainwater
  • Minimizes heat loss 
  • Compact and functional design 
  • Portable 
  • Luxurious, attractive yet minimalist
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Suitable for both urban and rural areas 
  • Can be used as a rental space, resort, cottage, research station, and so on
  • A great solution for people living solo in the expensive cities of the world 
  • You can set it up in remote places
  • Easy to transport; can be towed or airlifted
  • Comfortable living experience for months 
  • In-built HVAC system 
  • Easy to monitor with the help of the mobile app


  • Very expensive 

Final Thoughts

Ecocapsule is a beautiful, smart, and efficient solution that not only looks amazing but also provides practical solutions for living remotely. In an age where the population is growing by leaps and bounds, many people dream of living away from the city, at a remote location, surrounded by nature. Eco capsule is here to make these aspirations come to life. The only downside of the product is the price tag. But if you consider it as a luxury mini home set-up, the price is quite justified. The best part is, of course, its independent method of operation and zero reliance on energy sources that pose threats to the environment. With the company planning to branch out more, you can expect to see an Ecocapsule soon, in your favorite vacation spot! 

Contact Details

If you want to know more about this solution, or you want to set it up for your personal or commercial needs, here are the contact details of the company. 

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Address: Moyzesova 4, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia, European Union

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