TerraCycle: Recycling for A Better Future


Waste is one of the major concerns plaguing the world right now. As human society continues to produce 3.5 million tons of plastic and other waste materials every single day, the day is not far when our natural resources would be submerged in the vicious trap of trash. The mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been … Read more

Natel Energy: Leveraging Hydro Power Sustainably

natel energy

At a juncture where the world is making an effort to cut down on fuel emissions and adopt more and more sustainable energy solutions, Natel Energy is here with an innovative idea.  Hydro power is a well-known source of alternative energy, but its production leads to a heavy negative impact on the local ecosystem. But … Read more

Go Green With Residential Energy Storage Battery

Residential Energy Storage

With the requirement for energy growing by leaps and bounds in all aspects of life, it is wise to save energy for the future, instead of wasting away the excess. This is where a residential energy storage battery comes into the picture. When attached to the grid-based system, the battery stores sustainable energy and supplies … Read more

SINN Power Company: Waving For A Better Future

SINN Power Company

We are at a stage where climate change is not a distant dystopia anymore. To reverse back the clock, we have an enormous amount of issues to address in ever so little time. One of the first steps is to actively look for sustainable solutions that are eco-friendly and suitable for future generations like SINN … Read more

Land Life Company: Bringing Green Lives to the Fore

Land Life Company

At a time when the world is submerging in the ill-effects of climate change and deforestation, Land Life Company offers a simple, sustainable, and highly scalable option to deal with the situation.  About Land Life Company Amsterdam-based venture Land Life Company began its nascent journey in 2013. Ever since then, they have been taking active … Read more