HomeBiogas: Turning Waste into Cooking Gas


We are living in a time and age where the only way to live a better life is to embrace the world of sustainability. Unconventional methods of energy production have been quite popular since the turn of the century. With ongoing research and development, the world is slowly moving towards a sustainable revolution. At this … Read more

Smartflower: Smart & Beautiful Solar Panels

smart flower

When you think of solar energy, a roof-mounted solar panel is all you can imagine. That is the most common way to produce solar energy. It is ergonomic for sure, but the process of installation is pretty daunting. On top of that, it looks bland, and it is heavily dependent on the weather. Ever imagined a … Read more

Energy Vault: Leveraging Gravity with Innovation

Energy Vault

Energy Vault is here to transform the world of sustainable energy. Forget batteries, now storing energy is going to be easier than ever. And most importantly, it is going to be safe for the environment.  Wondering how? Let’s have a look.  With the amount of pollution rising in today’s world, switching to different forms of … Read more