Bladeless Wind Turbine: Saphon Energy

Wind energy has been used since ages to provide energy. The earlier used process was a wing rotating in the air to generate electricity. To produce sustainable, non-polluting, and cheap energy, wind power is the best solution (Bladeless Wind Turbine). The wind is available free of cost, in abundance, is clean, and is renewable, unlike fossil fuels. Shifting to renewable energy is essential to answer the indefinite and humongous need for energy while addressing climate change and pollution levels.

Bladeless Wind Turbine

Saphon- Zero-Blade Technology Image Credits: Saphon Energy

Need for a new efficient source of energy:

Fighting global warming is going to cost more than $45 trillion to halve carbon emissions by 2050. With the ever-growing population and consumerism, the need for electricity will continue to increase. For producing the required electricity, the cheap and renewable source will be required. Thus wind energy can be used as its pollution-free. Saphon energy aims to provide new cutting-edge technology for generating electricity for the betterment of humanity. The motive of Saphon was not intended to improve the current wind turbines technology but to challenge the old traditional method and develop a radical new way of harnessing the wind.

What is a bladeless wind turbine?

A Bladeless wind turbine is a wind turbine that works without blades nor gears or shafts. The phenomenon of Saphon is based on the fact that it is not even a turbine, as it does not rotate. It works on the science of aeroelastic resonance, harnessing energy from the emission of movement.

Bladeless Wind Turbine

Bladeless Wind Turbine Image Credits: Saphon Energy

Evolving of zero blade wind turbine:

Saphonenergy had an idea that evolved over the years and resulted in a promising product. The basic idea that led to innovation was to remove the whole rotating blade (blades and hub) and use a non-rotating sail-shaped body. The design went through changes and finally resulted in the Saphon zero blade technology. The wind converter is bladeless, rotation less, and follows rather than a back and forth 3D knot motion as in sailboats.    

How does the bladeless wind turbine work?

The Saphon turbine implements the patented “zero blade technology” to harness the wind’s energy. The technology works by channeling the wind in back and forth motion until it is converted into mechanical energy using pistons. The pistons work to produce hydraulic pressure that instantly converts to electricity via a hydraulic motor and a generator or stored in a hydraulic accumulator. The Saphon saves in the manufacturing as there are no blades, hub, and gearbox as required in a traditional wind turbine. Sail shaped body replaces the blades in the technology, and both hub and gearbox are removed.

Saphon zero blade technology - bladeless wind turbine

Wind Turbine WorkImage Credits: Saphon Energy

Technological leap, bladeless wind turbine:

The reason that leads to any innovation is the limitations of the previously used technology. The traditional wind turbines had a few flaws, which the Saphon turbine overcomes.

  1. Betz limit free- The same swept area (by a wind turbine), the wind energy captured by a sail-shaped body of the bladeless wind turbine from Saphon is twice that of the conventional wind turbines. The 3-blade rotator is replaced by a compact sail-shaped body (curved) that enjoys high aerodynamics coefficients (Cl and Cd). Thus the new Saphon turbine overcomes the insurmountable Betz limit.
  2. High efficiency- the technical approach and design in the zero blade wind turbine is a different offering, a high-efficiency level of about three times as high technology. Recent studies have proved a 2.3 range of efficiency enhancement, which is still under improvement to yield much better results. The efficiency range of a 2.3 makes the Saphon turbine the most efficient wind turbine. No Gyroscopic effects the rotational motor of the rotor is the source of gyroscopic effect and presents. The use of traditional wind turbines has observed an adverse impact on the Yaw System (used to maintain the upwind orientation of turbines). The bladeless wind turbine is free from the influences.
  3. Hydro-Aerodynamic braking- the current blade technology does not have an intrinsic and activated braking system like the Saphon turbine. The synchronized motion yielding better results activates zero blade wind turbine.  

Benefits of the bladeless wind turbine:

  1. Overcomes the Betz limitations: The device overcomes the Betz limit that claims no device can capture more than 59.3% of the kinetic energy of the wind. The traditional wind turbine capture 30 to 40% while the Saphon turbine is more efficient.
  2. Reduced cost- the cost of using and installing Saphon turbine is dramatically less by 45% from that of a conventional turbine as there are no requirements of blades, no hub, no gearbox on the units produced. Importantly, as there are no blades, the blades’ maintenance cost is much lower than that of traditional wind turbines. 
  3. Eco-friendly- the best and most important reason to switch to Saphon zero blade is that there is no noise, insomnia, or headaches or nausea due to the machine. The traditional windmills create noise pollution and blades while moving to claim the lives of many birds, which this advanced system removes. A Zero blade wind turbine comes out to be an earth-friendly technology.
  4. Storage of energy- the format of storing the energy with Saphon turbine is very different from that of a traditional wind turbine. The kinetic energy is mostly stored with a hydraulic accumulator or converted into electricity with the help of hydraulic motor and generator. The entire process proves to be energy saving. 

Precaution while incorporating the Saphon turbine:

For converting the hydraulic power to usable power, there will be a storage grid requirement, which will need additional investment. Therefore the total amount that needs to be invested should be analyzed before incorporating the device. Also, the cost of maintenance of the sail-shaped structure has to be considered before investing.

Saphon zero blade technology - bladeless wind turbine

Zero-Blade Technology Image Credits: Saphon Energy

The limitations of the Saphon zero blade technology

The Saphon bladeless wind turbine is indeed a phenomenal breakthrough technology in the field of energy generation. However, there are few doubts or disadvantages that are revolving around it.

Firstly, the most significant disadvantage is the prototype phase. There is a lack of information regarding the product, and the Saphon energy to date has not clarified how they will conduct the experimental tasks. Although the model is the third prototype model being made by the company. The company has continuously strived to achieve success and perfection in each of its models. Importantly the model is in its initial stages and yet not available for the end-users. Thus this is the prime reason for not having ample information about the product.

The company is trying to find investors for the manufacturing process. As the production will increase in production, the information regarding the product will also be made available to the public and students for their research work. The company has not put ample information on its ways and methods of performing tests. Only if the company clarifies on this aspect, the product will be considered to be a success.

Secondly, the Saphon Company claims to have surpassed the Betz Limit through an experimental test. However, the company does not describe the clear concept as to how the Betz Limit has been appropriately overcome. If the Betz Limit has been surpassed through the experimental test. Then it implies that the basic formulas of science have altered.

Thus the method itself used to formulate the technology is wrong. With the wrong formula, the making of the correct technique is not possible. The wrong formula thus makes the people and the investors more doubtful about the Saphon turbine.

Other limitations

The Betz Law is based on the flow of wind, the number of blades, and air characteristics. The changes made to the components and the assumptions of the Betz Law have altered. Saphon energy created, and the efficiency levels acquired through experimental tests. Betz Limit claims that a wind turbine cannot achieve more than fifty-nine percent efficiency. But as per Saphon wind turbine, it is stated that over eighty percent of wind efficiency is produced.

The most critical area of doubt that is revolving around Saphonwind turbine is the mere fact that they have not given complete information with detailed statistics and charts regarding the working of the turbine and its claims regarding the breaking results. Owing to a lack of knowledge, people have claimed it to be false. The fact that the company has always stunned all with breakthrough innovation, sit is expected that even zero blade wind turbines will be a masterpiece.

The team working behind Saphon Energy is highly accomplished and incredibly talented and comes from a solid background from their respective fields. The team of engineers working to evolve the technology command strong credibility in the field of scientific engineering. Owing to the history of the company and the brain behind it. It is believed that the turbine’s test results will be adequate and useful for the end consumer.  

For the betterment of humanity, it is essential that better, safer, more efficient, less harmful for the environment, and viable sources of energy are used. Wind energy generated with Saphon zero blade fulfills all the criteria and proves to be a breakthrough innovation.

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