Green City Solutions and its role in society

In the growing trend of the new walls, the green walls with moss plants are one appreciable and beneficial one in the contaminated environment. Green City Solutions is of the leading service providers who are now working to implement for enhancing the health of the people in the building.

Understanding the fact that nature is the best source for all kinds of needs and preserving the wellness of the human, Green City Solutions is focusing more on the plant called moss along with the evolving technology called the Internet of Things. Moss is one noteworthy plant that helps to purify the air by filtering pollutants like nitrogen oxide present in the air and makes it ideal for breathing.

Though technology helps people in several ways, there are certain strong downsides as well. For example, smoke from vehicles, poisonous gas from the industries, CFC gas from AC and refrigerators, etc. Green city solutions solve the problems by connecting the different mosses with completely automated Internet of Things. Here, the air purification approach is quantitatively proven along with the requirements of the plants in real-time.

Green City Solutions and its role in society

Preserves the beauty of nature with moss gathering!

How do Green City Solutions work?

Not all the places and the buildings are the same. So, when a tree city has to be implemented in someplace, it is more important to undergo several stages. Likewise, Green City Solutions also require certain analysis in the implementing process.

  • Location analysis: Initially, the location has to be analyzed completely based on the pollution level and the nature of the building. So, this will help to know the strength of the moss plant to be planted and how the Internet of Things has to be adopted in the process.
  • City Tree: Now, city trees works on the installation process it involves positioning, alignment, and commissioning and it will be an ideal result from the site analysis. Several sensors will be used for the proper transmission of information.
  • AirCare: This unique dashboard that visualizes the data that is accumulated in the cloud medium. So, monitoring the information as per the current medium will not be a huge hassle. Further, it will also help in defining the benefits and how things are working in this process.
  • Care and maintenance: all the data collected from the sensor and the technical condition of the different CityTree has to be analyzed through the maintenance app. This will also help with caring for the plant along with its maintenance. When this process is optimized and successful the overall aim and functionality can be enhanced.

Pros and cons of the solution

There are lots of pros and some cons with the work of the Green City Solutions. Here are some pros to it.

Pros of moss plants installation

  • Air quality can be improved: As per 2012 statistics, around 4 million people are dying just because of the pollution and now the number has risen. This pollution directly affects the body and leads to strokes, lung cancer, and some other heart disease. In such cases, the only solution will be seeing help from nature. So, plants like moss will be more helpful in reducing air pollution.
  • Rise in productivity: Generally, an organization will aim for high productivity and they will try to do so to comfort them. However, helping them to enjoy sound health is the best thing that the company needs to do. With such plants, the health issues can be reduced, and this will reduce absenteeism. As a result, improvised productivity can be guaranteed.
  • Reduced stress: When the environment is sound and green, it will help in the reduction of stress levels up to 12% of the stress level. When the stress is reduced, this will help in reducing more medical complications.
  • Noise reduction: No one likes to have some unwanted noise hassles in any place. Green vegetation will have some natural blocks for the high frequency, and it will also support some low-frequency noise. Several health issues are caused because of noise pollution and this can be reduced comparatively.
  • Skin becomes healthy: With the presence of the plants in the walls, it helps more for the skin. Hydrated skin will not only help and avoid wrinkles, but it is also a great source to heal the wound. It will further avoid itching and scratching to preserve the wellness of the skin.

Cons of moss plants installation

As you have seen some pros, there are also some downsides with the moss plant installation. Now, have a look at the cons side.

  • Non-living plant: most people think that the moss plant is the living ones, but it is not. So, it might die often though it appears to be fresh and green. These are just like the wallpapers and they will hang on the walls of the building.
  • Harvesting: Moss must be harvested, and it takes a long time to grow. When it is wild, it is unsustainable. Also, it must be harvested properly from the forest and it should be cared properly to plant on the walls.

However, green city solutions city trees are all about the integration with the Internet of Things. This will help in overcoming all the negative sides and they focus more on the positive effects and bring out more benefits and reduced hassles.

How Green City Solutions make the project more beneficial?

green city solutions

(City tree image credits:

Moss wall is not just a wall; it is the window for welcoming nature with green plants!

  • Innovation: Green city holds the first patented bio-tech fitter across the world and it also help the surface of 3.5 square meters to be filled with the moss wall. Along with this, Internet of Things makes it more comfortable for enjoying the benefits of the technology.
  • Cutting edge IoT technology: The moss is the practice that integrates with the important growing technology called the Internet of Things. This will completely operate and enhance the performance of the moss walls in any building. Further, complete data on the environment can also be collected for further analysis.
  • Diversity:with the available promising and cleaner and cooler air, City Trees is efficient enough to communicate with the multi-media means of communication. So, all the process will be under some control.

With all these higher-end features, the Green City Solution is more focused on improving the quality of air that people breathe with moss technology.

So, your city might be crowded to any extent and it might have any level of pollution, but it will be more effective when it comes to the installation of the moss walls.

The cost involved in the implementation of the moss walls

The cost of the moss walls will be based on several factors like the length of the wall, the nature of the place, and several other technological factors. Generally, the cost will be more than $500 in most places.

With Green City Solutions, 33 square feet moss is enough for the entire building as it will be able to offer cleansed and oxygenated for around 7000 people per hour available in the workplace. Further, you also need to pay for the periodic maintenance for preserving the wellness of the moss walls.

Some people think why they should invest more in such an option. Just think about the loss because of the pollution, health effects, productivity loss, and several others. So, the city tree cost the moss wall will not be a hassle.

Future projects from Green City Solutions

Green City Solutions

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Take a step to install moss walls and enjoy sound health!

Green City Solutions is focusing more on the development of society and the preserve the health of the people. Some business ideas on line-up like reducing the downside of the moss walls and implementing more technological factors for the development of the concept. In such list, property sector is the next plan to be processed.

Several projects are now in process to implement for customizing the space and high-quality living. All these are carried out with the keen note on the social welfare and the environmental factors with some kinds of innovations.

So, are you now looking for an option to contact Green City Solutions for green city solutions city trees and implement them for future products? You can find the form on the website, just fill and submit it and the company will call you shortly. If you need to visit directly or make use of an of the communication means

It is the responsibility of everyone to preserve nature and the wellness of it. At the same time, mankind needs more technological factors for enhancing work. It might lead to some destruction in the environment. So, you can just make use of such technology and preserve nature with the health of the human and all other living beings on the planet.