Land Life Company: Bringing Green Lives to the Fore

At a time when the world is submerging in the ill-effects of climate change and deforestation, Land Life Company offers a simple, sustainable, and highly scalable option to deal with the situation. 

About Land Life Company

Amsterdam-based venture Land Life Company began its nascent journey in 2013. Ever since then, they have been taking active steps towards reducing carbon footprint in the world. Their mission is to restore greenery with the help of the latest technologies so that they can bring in a visible change within a short span of time. Co-founded by Jurrian Ruys and Eduard Zanen, the company aims to rejuvenate degraded land, by employing hi-tech innovations. 

The Solutions

In a nutshell, the primary solution that the Land Life Company offers is afforestation. To counter the fateful consequences of climate change, the only possible way out is to reduce CO2 emission in the world. And there cannot be a better way than planting new trees. The company offers to transform carbon into a lush green forest, alleviating the lack of greenery in modern cities. Their mission is to work on the 2 billion hectares of the world’s degraded land and bring them to life. 

1. Transforming carbon to build forests

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This ambitious solution focuses on cutting down the amount of CO2 that is added every single second to the environment. There are multiple methods to address this issue, but the easiest and natural way is definitely afforestation. The company identifies degraded lands that have been destroyed by drought, over-farming, desertification, wildfires, or any other calamities. By using drones to gauge the area and satellite imagery for visualizing the forest, Land Life Company builds a forest in the same exhausted land. Thanks to the Cocoon and their unique auto planting system, the process of building a forest out of a dead land becomes faster. Since they put prime attention to the use of technology, it becomes possible to cover a large area in a little time. 

2. Restoring greenery in the cities

The concrete jungle and the lack of vegetation are adding to the woes of the planet. The immediate solution to this is to plant as many trees as possible. Apart from the health of the planet and its residents, a touch of greens can go a long way in drastically improving business environments as well. Land Life Company joins hands with the local authorities and businesses to revitalize parks that have been damaged by drought, desertification, or any other issues. By doing so, the aesthetics of the locality improve, and at the same time, there will be a stretch of greens in the midst of concrete buildings to offer a little respite to the senses. Community parks are an essential way to nourish the local culture, and to bring in new workforce and investments. 

3. Harmonizing humans and nature

To lead a healthy and happy life, the key is to keep the planet healthy. And without a doubt, forests are a critical part of human wellbeing, since they help in maintaining a proper balance in the environment. Trees and woods not only bring to us breathable air but also provide sustenance and means of living to more than 1.6 billion people across the globe. Keeping this in mind, Land Life Company creates new forests in abandoned areas. The clash of nature and human interest lies at the center of climate change, and ushering in new green lives to the world is the only viable option to solve this grave problem. 

How Does The Solution Work?

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1. Preparation

The beginning of the process is all about examining the land to comprehend its present ecological state. To get clear and precise data, the company speaks with local landowners, takes a close look at satellite images, and studies soil samples. The idea is to grasp the reason behind the land’s destruction, and what can be the most useful method to cultivate greens in the same place once again. 

2. Large Area Covered

Land Life Company attempts to infuse life into the lands that nature has forbidden. Without intervention, it would not be possible to make these places alive again. To build a huge forest within a limited time frame, the company puts to use its unique technology. With the help of GPS-led drilling machines and auto planting systems, it’s possible to cover hundreds of hectares in just one go. Besides machines, the company also takes the help of local servicemen, to ensure that the project goes on seamlessly. As a result, numerous people are offered employment during the forest-making procedure. 

3. The Cocoon

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Land Life Company has developed a special technology that helps a seedling to flourish during the first year. The Cocoon provides it with shelter and promotes nourishment so that it becomes sturdy and resilient. As a result, the seedlings grow up to become trees that can survive independent of external irrigation. Trees grown in this manner have high rates of survival, up to 95%.  

4. Tracking the Results

The company has developed sensing technologies that work both on-site, and remotely. Thanks to the AI that brings comprehensive data to the table, it becomes easy to measure the impact. All of the information is stored in the Land Life Database for future use. 

How Afforestation Helps the World and Its People

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  • Maintains the balance between 02 and CO2
  • Controls global warming 
  • Reduces the risk of soil erosion
  • Improves the quality of soil 
  • Lowers the chances of flash flooding 
  • Helps communities survive by providing land for agriculture, living, food, and employment 

Pros & Cons of Land Life Company

Each and every solution has its share of advantages and disadvantages. However, since the main focus of Land Life Company is promoting afforestation, it’s difficult to find faults with it. 


  • Land Life Company offers a sustainable solution to deal with deforestation and climate change 
  • Makes use of modern technologies for planting trees 
  • Drones and satellite imagery help to plan and to visualize
  • Automatic planting solutions make the work more efficient, faster, and impactful 
  • Uses artificial intelligence (AI) for remotely monitoring the process 
  • Promotes biodiversity
  • Natural and easy solution 
  • Simple for implementation 
  • Social and economic benefits for communities 


Businesses all around the world now have an option to contribute towards the betterment of the world. Afforestation will not only promote good health and less pollution, but it will also bring in economic stability, and help companies prosper. Introducing an ingenious and sustainable solution, the Land Life Company has immense potential to branch out throughout the world, to promote their unique ways of building forests out of barren lands. 

Land Life Company Contact Details

If you wish to know more about the company, or want to implement the solution for yourself, here are the contact details. 

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Address: Mauritskade 63, Amsterdam, 1092 AD, NL 

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Contact Number: +31 20 261 4857