SINN Power Company: Waving For A Better Future

We are at a stage where climate change is not a distant dystopia anymore. To reverse back the clock, we have an enormous amount of issues to address in ever so little time. One of the first steps is to actively look for sustainable solutions that are eco-friendly and suitable for future generations like SINN power. Moving away from traditional energy-producing methods to natural resources is the need of the hour, and one German company is making quite a splash in this regard. 

SINN Power: About the Company 

SINN Power is a sustainable energy company based in Germany, founded by Dr. Philipp Sinn. The company began its journey in 2014. Ever since the foundation, Sinn Power has proved its mettle in their numerous contributions towards making the world a better place. By utilizing the ocean waves’ immense potential, they attempt to provide cleaner energy to the people who live in and around the coastal areas. Their innovative approach has earned them multiple awards and nominations. 

The Solution: How Does It Work? 

SINN Power has created a wave energy converter or WEC that can float in the ocean. By leveraging the turbulent movements of the ocean waves, the generators produce energy in the form of electricity. 

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Modularity has been a vital feature of the maritime structure, and SINN Power has maximized the potential of a system that is scalable and flexible. The modules are connected in one solid structure that floats on the surface of the ocean. Apart from being extra flexible for innovation, the modular structure also withstands storms and adverse conditions in a promising manner. The entire structure is not bigger than a ship, allowing it to perform at its optimal best. 

SINN Power

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At the heart of SINN Power lies a spirit of simplicity. The goal is to provide innovative and sustainable energy at all times, by simplifying the entire process, and in this case, it’s friction. Thanks to the up and down movement of the waves, the lifting rods of the modular parts are set in motion. This results in friction which in turn helps the attached generators produce electricity. 

Why Wave Energy? 

Tapping the power of the sea to provide sustainable energy solutions is not a new phenomenon. However, the way SINN Power has gone about it is entirely unique. Unlike the familiar tidal energy, SINN Power has focused on using wave energy. 

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Tidal energy uses the tides that are formed because of the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. On the other hand, waves are formed because of the powerful wind moving across the surface of the ocean. Installing tidal plants requires a lot of resources and they are not affordable at all. SINN Power’s method embodies the concept of sustainable and affordable solutions by focusing on wave energy that is much more consistent and reliable than solar and wind energy. 

Another smart reason to embrace the power of wave energy is its availability. The Ocean surface covers almost 3/4th of the Earth’s total surface, so it offers huge potential. Moreover, ocean waves have the highest energy density.  

SINN Power’s maritime technology comes with a host of energy-focused solutions. 

Wave Energy Solutions 

The wave energy converters (WECs) are designed to provide supply to harbors, near-shore, and off-shore platforms. The WEC converts ocean waves into clean electricity. SINN Power’s electrical components and integrated power systems are specifically made keeping in mind the challenges of the ocean. 

Grid and Mobility Solutions 

A substantial future thrives on mobility solutions that are flexible and carry small footprints. The concepts of small wind turbines, hybrid designs, and charging stations add to a comprehensive package of grid solutions. 

Ocean Hybrid Platform 

Since the project uses a structure that harnesses the power of the ocean by riding up and down on the waves, a reliable floating platform becomes a necessity. SINN Power’s floating wind farms and PV plants come with proper balancing solutions. The platforms can also be used for research and for leisure activities. 

SINN Power: Pros & Cons 

SINN Power’s energy solutions are focused on providing clean electricity to people living near coasts on a global scale. The idea and the implementation so far are backed by scalable innovations and real-world changes. It’s hard to find faults in something that is trying to promote a better standard of living in the coastal areas while going easy on mother nature. 

SINN Power

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  • SINN Power Company offers maritime technologies that are flexible, reliable, and sustainable
  • Makes use of wave energy that is immensely powerful and more consistent than solar and wind energies
  • Provides affordable grid, mobility, and ocean platform solutions
  • Promotes a healthier marine life
  • Offers solutions that are simple and easy to implement 
  • Promotes a greener alternative to energy production for the future


It’s our moral duty to transform the world into a better place for our future generations. The duty becomes an obligation when we are a part of the problem. The last century and the current one have made significant contributions in terms of improving human conditions, but the impact on the environment has been detrimental. 

Earth is our final resort, and saving it from the imminent dangers of climate change should be our prime goal. Companies like SINN Power are trying to forge a way for a sustainable future. A future of cleaner energy, better accessibility to resources, and a future that is green. By pushing the world towards a wave energy based system, SINN Power has the potential to reach new heights in the coming years.

Contact Details of SINN Power Company

If you wish to know more about the company, or you want to implement the solutions offered by SINN Power for yourself, here are the contact details of the company. 

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Address: Germeringer Str. 9, 82131 Gauting, Germany

Phone Number: +49 (0)89 9256 6192