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Producing sustainable, non-polluting, and cheap energy in abundance and regular supply is not easy. Solar, wind, or tidal energy are dependent on the presence of source, which itself is not available round the clock for all days on month. Thus, water can prove to be the best solution. Waterotor Energy Technologies is one of them. Slow-moving water is present abundantly, and it is available free of cost, in abundance, is clean, and is renewable, unlike fossil fuels. Shifting to renewable energy is essential to answer the indefinite and humungous need for power while addressing climate change and pollution levels.

Need for a new efficient source of energy:

Fighting global warming is going to cost more than $45 trillion to halve carbon emissions by 2050. With the ever-growing population and consumerism, the need for power will continue to increase. For producing the needed electricity, the cheap and renewable source is required. Thus water is used as it is pollution-free and is abundantly available. Waterotor Energy Technologies aims to provide new cutting–edge technology for generating electricity for the betterment of humanity and the Planet Earth. The motive of Waterotor Energy Technologies is to improve the current technology and develop a new dynamic way of harnessing the slow-moving water. The company intended to fill in the voids between the availability and requirement of electricity.

Waterotor Energy

Figure 1 Waterotor Module Image Credits:  Waterotor

The dynamic project with a vision:

Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. was founded in 2011 and aimed at providing renewable energy solutions at global levels. The company is all geared up to expand in other markets and go global with its innovative product. Their mission is to supply cheap electricity to 1.2 billion people who are surviving without electricity and another 800 million people who are depending on high-cost fossil fuel generators for power.

The Earth is covered with 71% of slow-moving water, generating electricity from the same will prove to be a boon. Waterotor is the first company, which has used such an advanced technology that is affordable and is harvested economically. The company claims that no other energy extraction device has matched the high-energy output in low water flows. The water flow is low as 2 to 6 mph, yet it can produce a considerable amount of energy. The unique performance of the Waterotor is due to a combination of carefully defined inventive features surrounding unique rotor that have been developed and refined in a NASA wind tunnel.

The rotor blades are very robust and have a curved surface on both sides that allow for high drag and high lift generation to happen simultaneously. The complete mechanism works harmoniously and delivers higher power in slow-moving water speeds. Waterotor’s optimum performance is around 6.5 km/h (1.79m/sec) or 4 mph. In contrast, the devices used by the competitors require at least 11km/h (3m/sec) or 6.6 mph or higher speeds, making it the better and more usable technology.

Waterotor Energy

Figure 2 Waterotor being removed from water Image Credits: Waterotor

How does waterotor work to generate electricity?

The waterotor has a drum that is submerged in water and extended horizontally along a central axis amidst the first point on the side of the drum and a second point on a second side of the drum opposing the first one.

It has three curved waves attached to it in a manner that when it works on water flow perpendicular to the axis, it becomes operable to result in rotation about the axis and each vane that is located substantially opposite to the drum, defines a plane parallel to a plane defined by a surface of the drum situated between the edge portion and the axis. The electrical generator coupled to the drum may convert rotational energy produced by the rotation of the axis in the electrical power.

The technology used in a manner that the concave side and convex side work in harmony. The convex side curved differentially than the concave body. Thus the concave side of one vane meets the convex side of the neighboring vane at the rotating body in a completely smooth. Substantially linear transition from the concave side of the one vane to the convex side of the adjacent vane. The vanes are designed with a narrow tip end. It defines a plane as substantially parallel to the plane defined by the tangential surface of the rotating body compared to the root end rotating body. 

Waterotor Energy

Figure 3 Waterotor Dimensions Image Credits: Waterotor

Accessible, affordable, and renewable electricity from Waterotor Energy technologies:

As discussed earlier, slow-moving water covers nearly 3/ 4 of the planet in the form of rivers, canals, ocean currents, and more; thus, using is for low generating low cost, and affordable energy becomes a breakthrough innovation. A vast untouched global market exists, which has the potential to provide electricity to the places of its unavailability.  It has gained popularity for the following reasons:

1. Low-speed water

The Earth is covered with 71% of water, so capitalizing on this abundantly available resource to generate electricity will be a great option. The mechanism of waterotor works on this and can produce electricity 6.5 km/h (1.79m/sec) or 4 mph whereas the devices used by the competitors require at least 11km/h (3m/sec) or 6.6 mph or higher speeds. Thus the technology is a breakthrough and will prove its worth in generating electricity. Thus waterotor can answer the global needs of low cost environmentally friendly electricity.

2. Zero fuel needed

The technology that has the upper hand as compared to other technologies in the market is the fact that it will not need fuel for its working. The most beneficial feature of the technology is that it does not require fuel; thus, the operating costs reduce considerably, making it the most cost-efficient technology.

3. Working around the clock

Solar energy can produce energy only when the sun shines bright. Wind energy can be created only when the wind is blowing at fast speeds. However, both are a renewable and cheap source of energy. What makes waterotor energy technology the most outstanding is that it can generate electricity 24X7, as water is available always without interruption. The technology uses slow-moving water, so the need to wait for tide or current also does not exist.

4. Low ecological effects

We are in a situation where there has been much damage already made to environment and the need for an environmental-friendly option has risen. Waterotors are a non-invasive, environmentally friendly, and marine life friendly ways of producing electricity, and thus, it should be used to prevent further damage. A low ecological cost is the desired aspect for selecting any technology for the production of power.

5. Portable

As slow-moving water is available anywhere, to have a technology to produce energy is required. Waterotor is a highly mobile technology and machine. It fits in the back of a truck and up to 20 units in  ISO Container and can be carried anywhere for installation. It is a desirable aspect as easy portability will help in installing the machine in far off places.

6. Robust, solid construction

Off-the-shelf Boat hull type materials allow localized mass construction. The motorotor will be working on a water body for the generation of electricity; thus, it is required that super-strong materials are used in the making of the machine. The chances or the possibility of any wear and tear should be reduced to a minimum.

7. Easy to install

The waterotor is easy to install device near the water body, thus adding to its advantage and making it a strong reason for opting this technology.

8. Quality components

If the motor is constructed with metal it can release oxide into the environment due to corrosion. Therefore, it needs to be built with material that will not corrode in water. Consequently, the company used solid rotomolded plastic, as it will not corrode in saltwater. 

9. Easy replacements

Generating water will be around the clock continuous project, and thus, the parts will wear out. The waterotor comes with sophisticated warranted generator pods that are replaceable in the field units. 

Waterotor converts 50% of available energy in flowing water to electricity at very low speeds. It is inexpensive, simple, easy to install, robust, and helps maintain the ecological balance. 

The motorotor is a new-found technology and is in its early stage of producing energy with a few committed investors, thus commenting anything on the usability and lasting of the project, will not be fair. Team manufacturing motor technology is an experienced team and has proved its worth in the past. The company has produced breakthrough innovative products, so there are high bets placed on this technology’s success. 

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