Zero Mass Water – Sustainable Water Production

Climate crisis has led us to water crises in some places on the Earth. The severe drought dries up the water well. Not to mention how so many rivers and lakes get polluted. Since humans cannot survive without water, the water crisis is not something we can take lightly. Zero Mass Water offers a solution to transform thin air into potable water. Using a device called SOURCE Hydropanel, the scientific scheme can generate water out of the atmosphere. This innovation takes advantage of thermodynamics, solar power, scientific materials, and open air.

The technology classifies as an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), which more other companies have developed as well. However, nothing sounds more promising than what Zero Mass Water has to offer.

How the System Works – Zero Mass Water

The SOURCE Hydropanel uses solar power to work. It contains a regular solar panel and generator to produce electricity to run the whole system. The panel also features a battery, allowing the system to run at night.

The heating system captures water vapor from the air with hygroscopic materials. After collecting enough water vapor, the device will cool down, which leads the vapor to liquefy into water. This procedure would capture the pure H20 molecules from the air, leaving behind all the pollutants and bacteria.

However, that also means the water would not contain any minerals, unlike the water people used to drink. People need minerals to provide electrolytes for the human body. But no worries, Zero Mass Water technology features a mineralizing process to enhance the water’s quality for drinking.

Each Hydropanel has a water capacity of 30 liters on its reservoir to retain its optimal taste and quality. The mineralizing process also takes place in this reservoir. The size of a Hydropanel is 4×8 feet, or equivalent to 1.2 x 1.4 meters. This machine can produce 4-8 liters of water per day, depending on the day’s humidity and weather.

The Zero Mass Water technology also provides an app that connects to your Hydropanel via Cloud technology. This app allows you to get all the information about your water supply including the daily water production, reservoir level, and water quality. It will also alert you if something is changing about your water or if the device needs servicing.

Zero Mass Water - Sustainable Water Production

The SOURCE Hydropanel from the Zero Mass Water technology can suffice a family’s need of drinking water

Water Quality

As explained above, Zero Mass Water guarantees the quality of the SOURCE drinking water. However, they still run a test to prove the claim. From the 139 contaminants to detect, there is zero of them found in the SOURCE water.

Now, let’s talk about minerals. SOURCE water contains magnesium of 10 ppm and calcium of 20 ppm. Such amounts of electrolytes should be sufficient to hydrate a human body. The pH level counts at eight, which is an ideal acidity level for drinking water.

The Installation

The Hydropanel can either stand on the ground or sit on the rooftop. The system will connect to the water taps on your kitchen, or anywhere you find convenient to get access to. If you are interested in this module, Zero Mass Water offers three ways for you to get the SOURCE water.

  • Rexi Installation

Rexi is an array of two Hydropanels to install in a household. This package can bring enough drinking water for a family of four. Families interested in producing their SOURCE water can get a Rexi installed on their home for $5,500 to $6,500. The price includes shipping, installation, and tax.

  • SOURCE Field Installation

Have your large arrays of Hydropanels in a SOURCE Field. All the water produced would be yours to use for your convenience. This installation is most suitable for factories, schools, offices, or such. You can also have a SOURCE Field and sell the water in bottles.

Feel free to decide how vast your field would be and how many Hydropanels you wish to have. A field of 1,100 square meters can produce up to 30,000 liters of SOURCE water per month. Prices may vary, depending on the location and amount of Hydropanel requested.

  • Pay per Volume

If installation and maintenance are too bothersome for you, you can buy your ready-to-go SOURCE water. The Zero Mass Water company will locate the nearest SOURCE field to your location. You can drop by carrying your empty gallons to change with gallons filled with SOURCE water.

Zero Mass Water already has its innovation installed in 35 countries. Some fields are installed in the school area, so parents can drop their kids while also refilling their gallons. If you are interested in this water technology, you can contact the company and ask for a quote.

The Benefits

Zero Mass Water has received fundings up to $1 million from Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and many other world-class billionaires. This aggressive investment is mostly because this innovation offers a promising technology with many benefits. Here are what the SOURCE water innovation sounds interesting:

  • Independent

Installing this device would stop you from depending on the city water. Even if your area had a severe drought or water pollution, you can still be able to hydrate your family well.

  • Sustainable Power

Without fossil-fuel electricity to supply your drinking water, you can reduce the carbon emission. It is such a nice move to fight against a climate crisis.

  • Reliable Production

The Hydropanel can work even without high humidity and sunlight. The water extraction process can still run well on a desert with less than 10% humidity. And if the sun is out, the system already has a battery to back it up. With Zero Mass Water, you will not run out of water supply.

  • Contaminant-Free

SOURCE Hydropanel absorbs only the water vapor from thin air, leaving all the pollution behind. Hence, SOURCE water is perfectly clean and safe to drink. There has also been a test as a valid proof for this claim.

  • Abundant Source

The troposphere holds more water vapor than the Earth’s ground. This source is sustainable as the water keeps cycling around the Earth, from the ground to the sky and rain back.

  • Long-Lasting

The estimated lifespan of SOURCE Hydropanel is about 15 years. Imagine living that long without spending money on city water again. It might be worth all the money you invest in the initial cost.

  • Small Footprint

The Hydropanel is not that big. The original RexiHydropanel can easily sit on the rooftop even if the house is rather small. And surprisingly, Zero Mass Water has just shrunk it even smaller into half of the original size.

Zero Mass Water Challenge

Extracting water from thin air is still a new concept. Even so, there have been other companies running the similar concept of technology. Zero Mass Water believes that the supply of water vapor in the atmosphere is abundant and limitless. The company even stated that their innovation can still work well in the low humidity situation.

Even so, some people are still hesitant about its safety for our environment. Reducing the amount of vapor in the air is concerning because we don’t know yet if there are any side effects of it. For now, we can see no side effects of this technology. But what would happen if people in the future massively rely on the atmospheric water generator system to hydrate themselves?

Another drawback that Zero Mass Water needs to figure out is the cost-effectivity of Hydropanel. The initial cost for the RexiHydropanel system is still significantly expensive compared to conventional pipeworks with electric pumps. Not to mention the limited amount of water it may provide. With such a comparison, it might be hard to convince people to use Hydropanel if ground water is still available from them.

However, Zero Mass Water stated that the price is coming down. Also, their team is working on increasing its cost efficiency as well. Their budgeting goal seems like a long way to go. But meantime, installing it on a large-scale is still the only way to reduce the cost significantly.

More About the Company

Zero Mass Water hopes to increase the drinking water quality of everybody on Earth. The CEO, Cody Friesen, was also the mastermind of this innovation. Growing up in Florida had made him realize the cruciality of the water source. It has always been his dream all this time to invent an easy and independent source of water that can operate with sustainable energy.

Anyone interested in SOURCE Hydropanel can get more information directly from the company. You can even make your order to install one in your house. Here are some ways to get in touch with Zero Mass Water:

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7825 S Hardy Dr #110, Tempe, AZ 85284, United States

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support@zeromasswater.comSocial Media :

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Water scarcity has caused terrible humanity issues in many places. But, Zero Mass Water offers an effective solution for it with their SOURCE Hydropanel. The innovation may still have many challenges to solve. Even so, this one has the potential to make a major change in the future. And it already has.