STORNETIC Energy Storage Solution for Efficient and Standard Power Services

The effects of environmental pollution are evident globally. Pollution caused by human activities is contributing to global warming, which has become an emergency and a risk to the survival of humans and other living creatures. Global warming is resulting in climate changes, an increase in the melting of frozen water, which acts as water reservoirs, which we are dependent among other effects. As such, we cannot ignore these effects and continue to live our life normally. Governments globally have engaged in debates on how to alleviate the causes of global warming.

One of the solutions has been to engage in activities that minimize emissions of gases such as carbon. In support, lots of companies have put effort and invested capital in renewable energy sources. Also, some individuals and foundations have funded such companies to motivate and help them achieve their goals. Electricity is a commodity that is used in most, if not all, homes. However, the production can result in carbon emission and hence the need to invest in renewable energy sources that not only helps reduce global warming but also allow us to use readily available resources such as water and wind.

This article talks about the STORNETIC Company, which has invested in renewable energy storage resources. We discuss their solution, how it works, the cost of implementation, the pros and cons, and the company details. Keep reading to find out about their commodities and how they keep improving them for quality and standard services.


It is an energy storage company that invests in innovations and technologies for the development and commercialization of energy storage solutions. It was founded in 2013 as a sequel of ETC (Enrichment Technology Company), which manufactures high-speed energy-wheel solutions and gas ultra-centrifuges for more than 50 years. The ETC is owned by Orano, who is a French multinational industrial leader in the nuclear sector and Urenco, a UK based global leader in uranium enrichment with a 31% share. ETC has more than 45% market share in gas centrifuges worldwide.

Energy storage can be challenging, and this affects efficiency and energy output. There is a need for innovations in energy storage solutions that are powerful, reliable, and affordable. STORNETIC Company aims to develop powerful energy storage devices that have unlimited charging cycles and outstanding service life. They believe speed is everything. So, what is their solution for efficient energy storage? Find out below.

Name of the Solution 

Flywheel Energy Storage Technology

How does it work?

The STORNETIC Company believes that speed is everything, and this applies when storing power through rotational energy. They have revolutionized the flywheel concept. They use the EnWheel flywheel system to save kinetic energy offering efficient storage technology with maximum benefits: 

  • It is a wear-free and maintenance-free technology
  • Has long-lasting capacity irrespective of the charging cycles
  • Charges and discharges within seconds or minutes

The EnWheel offers 45,000 revolutions per minute. The increase in speed is achieved through the reduction of frictional losses to a minimum. The rotor runs in a vacuum, on a non-contact bearing, and the material used is carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. The high-tech equipment aims to provide optimum strength to enable the rotor to speed up to 45,000 revolutions per minute.

Energy = Power x Time

Energy = ½ x Inertia x Speed²

The speed matters more than mass. The ratio of density and material strength determines the maximum energy which can be stored.

STORNETIC Energy Storage Solution for Efficient and Standard Power Services
An image illustrating EnWheel.

According to Engelmann, project manager at STORNETIC, the flywheel energy storage is different from other energy storage in the market with super-capacitors and batteries. The STORNETIC technology transforms electrical energy into rotational energy storing it as such, allowing this energy storage method has an advantage over cells.

About EnWheel

The flywheel technology strength is delivering many charging cycles per day without degradation. The technology is ideal for providing power over highly fluctuating load profiles –retaining full capacity throughout their lifetime, unlike batteries, which aren’t perfect.  

The combination of EnWheel technology and sturdy materials results in a robust storage device that has unlimited charging cycles and outstanding service life. The STORNETIC energy storage device has a steel casing, active magnetic bearing, vacuum, carbon fiber rotor, and generator & motor. Within the storage device, the motor spins the carbon-fiber rotor up to a frequency of 45,000 revolutions per minute, allowing the surface to move at about 3000 kilometers per hour. Due to the high speed, the rotor rotates in a vacuum and is held by active magnetic bearings.

STORNETIC Achievements

One of the Company’s significant achievement is the EDF and STORNETIC Partnership Project in Paris. The project aims to assess the performance of the STORNETIC flywheel energy storage technology facing modern grid environment demands. The partnership allowed one of the STORNETIC’s DuraStor system to be installed at the France-headquarter EDF Concept Grid. The DuraStor system combines a number of the company’s flywheels in a modular configuration. The device operates mechanically, and no chemicals are used.

The EDF utility team is keen on testing the flywheels capabilities, which have fast-responding short-duration energy storage, which delivers grid services such as frequency regulations. The Concept Grid also allows developers to test their systems outside a real-world setting to minimize the risks of the experimentation. It also enables manufacturers and researchers to understand how to accelerate the process of market development.

Installation of a flywheel energy storage plant in the opencast mine Inden as part of a large-scale test is another STORNETIC Company achievement. With such partnerships, the Company ensures their customers get the best devices which are well-tested, improved, and validated for excellent services.

The success of the STORNETIC Company is attributed to:

  • Their mastery of complex technical processes
  • Their specialization in one field of technology
  • Power of high production capacities
  • Strength afforded by superior production processes

STORNETIC’s Products

The STORNETIC Company has manufactured different energy storage systems that suit different consumer needs. They have the EnWheel, The DuraStor Basic, and the DuraStor System. The EnWheel has a flywheel and a vacuum for integration into the storage systems. The DuraStor Basic is a storage container that includes, EnWheels, mounting, EnWheel Management System, and primary cooling. The DuraStor System is a DuraStor Basic with a grid interface, active cooling, and Application Management System.

From the EnWheel, the company provides DuraStor, from components to full systems. The DuraStor is a modular system solution that allows you to increase the number of EnWheel machines and the overall capacity to meet your energy needs. According to STORNETIC’s Managing Director Rainer, the Company’s engineers succeeded in quadrupling the output of the flywheel machine in the DuraStor device. This means they will be able to give their customers more powerful systems with an increase in efficiency resulting in less expense.

STORNETIC Energy Storage Solution for Efficient and Standard Power Services
An image illustrating DuraStor

The DuraStor is packaged with 2 to 28 EnWheel flywheels allowing you to increase the overall capacity at any time to meet your needs. It has auxiliary systems to operate, a storage controller, and an electrical cabinet.

Areas of Application of STORNETIC systems Services

Wherever energy flows, you can reduce your costs, expand electro-mobility, use and recover surplus energy, and stabilize your grid. These are the services that STORNETIC Company offers you through the EnWheel energy storage technology. These services enable you to have reliable, efficient, and affordable power output. Below are the areas of application.


  • Energy saving
  • Grid stabilization
  • Wind Firming

Wind Energy

  • Management of power sacks and steep ramps
  • Wind firming

Grid Services

  • Synthetic inertia
  • Provision of peak power as an alternative to grid expansion
  • Grid stabilization through voltage and reactive power control
  • Frequency regulations with immediate availability


  • Integration of renewable energy sources for rapid charging
  • Parallel rapid charging

Underground train systems

  • Stabilization of the rail network
  • Energy-saving through recovering braking energy
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and peak loads.

Industrial applications

  • Elimination of grid fluctuations
  • A rapid increase in peak grid capacity
  • Energy recovery and flexible availability
  • Lowering energy demand and peak loads 

Costs of Solution

The price depends on your requirements. Your daily energy expenditure equals the value you incur—the number of full load-cycles per day equals the total costs of stored energy. For example, energy requirements in your home cannot be compared to those of industrial capacity. You can contact the company for guidance on the best choice according to your energy storage needs.


  • Materials used are recyclable to prevent environment hazards
  • Does not suffer from deep discharge scenarios
  • Carbon-free emissions and almost no noise
  • Best for frequent cycles or continuous use
  • The storage solutions meet all standards and are proven safe


  • Not appropriate for storing renewable energy for many hours or days

Company Details
Phone:            +49246165-7100
Fax:                +49246165-222
Twitter:          @Stornetic
Location:        Stetternicher Staatsfort
                      52428, Julich, Germany


Energy supply is central to all activities globally. As such, there is a need for innovations and new technologies on generation and storage of energy that are efficient, standard, and environment-friendly. Energy storage has become a competitive sector globally. However, the STORNETIC Company believes its technology is valuable to stand the competition as they play a particular role in the industry.

Their goal is to set the wheels in motion for you using the flywheel concept. They are driven by rotation. They have developed and manufactured high-speed components for reliable and safe power generation. Through their innovations, they have demonstrated responsibility to the economy for generations and society. Their objective is to generate a sustainable, dependable, and affordable power supply in the 21st century.