Advanced Rail Energy Storage; the Old and New Technology for A Small and Large Scale of Power Supply

Advanced Rail Energy Storage

Advanced Rail Energy Storage: The electrical grid sounds like an effective solution for cleaner energy supply to replace the old fossil fuel system that is dirty and toxic. However, this sustainable energy system also possesses a typical problem of supply instability. That is why energy storage comes as an essential part. The device will work … Read more

Janicki Omniprocessor; The Advanced All-in-One Technology for A Cleaner Earth

Janicki Omniprocessor; The Advanced All-in-One Technology for A Cleaner Earth

Although it doesn’t seem to be a big problem in developed countries, sanitation is still a major concern in many poor countries. The need for effective bio-waste management is crucial, judging for the high number of hygiene-related diseases. Janicki OmniProcessor turned out to be a wonderful solution for this issue. Furthermore, innovation goes beyond expectations. … Read more

STORNETIC Energy Storage Solution for Efficient and Standard Power Services

STORNETIC Energy Storage

The effects of environmental pollution are evident globally. Pollution caused by human activities is contributing to global warming, which has become an emergency and a risk to the survival of humans and other living creatures. Global warming is resulting in climate changes, an increase in the melting of frozen water, which acts as water reservoirs, … Read more

Gravity Storage: The New Innovation for Clean Energy Supply

Gravity Storage

With the rising issue of climate change, clean energy is now an essential thing. Surprisingly, transitioning from fossil-fueled energy to renewable nature-supported technology is not that difficult to do. One of the clever solutions is Gravity Storage developed by Heindl Energy in Germany. What is Gravity Storage? Gravity Storage is a system that utilizes the … Read more